Quantitative Hedge Fund is looking for exceptional PhD superstar quant researcher candidates to join their team based in CT

Quantitative Hedge Fund with high profile names is looking for exceptional PhD superstar quant researcher candidates to join their team based in CT.

Hedge Fund is looking for exceptional and unique individuals who have world class problem solving skills such as those who can watch a cards game for a few hands and work out the rules of the game or who have the power to look at code and work out how it functions or how it can be improved.
Outstanding record of academic and professional achievements
Specialism in researching and developing software and or techniques for mining, analyzing and searching massive data sets.

A demonstrable commitment to a career in systematic trading and fundamental appreciation of how your research and professional experience is applicable to parts of the life-cycle.

Any alpha development experience is highly sought after.

Confident and highly motivated personality.
Evidence of being amongst the top 5% of your peer group as demonstrated by Olympiads/other awards in research, technology and the commercial work environment etc

PhD from a top tier University in any of the following subjects; Maths, Computer Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Statistics, Operations Research, Econometrics, Signal Processing, Computer Vision.

C++,C# or Java – i.e. some exposure to an OO programming language.

This is not a role for a candidate who does not feel comfortable programming and using programming languages as a tool to get research done .C++ will be one of the key areas that you will be tested on in the interview process.

Any kind of work experience in a bank or a hedge fund will be extremely useful. Internships are a bonus and candidates who have spent time on Quantitative Research desks within investment Banks or hedge funds throughout the course of their studies will be extremely valuable to the desk. In addition, if you have any examples of publicized research papers or personal outstanding achievements such as awards or Olympiad competition titles to demonstrate your ability for the job -these put you at an advantage

This is a very good opportunity for an outstanding junior candidate to join a world class team of quants and build a solid foundation your career. The idea is to find candidates who have raw intellect and solid quant skills with a disposition for probability & statistics. Structurally, the firm is set up as a meritocracy and you progression and compensation is linked to your performance.
Please forward all Resumes, Marketing documents, and/or Performance Tom@leadingalpha.com

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